Violin Instruction for Children and Youth

Explore the relationship between musicianship and artistry.  Playing violin is a physical, mental and emotional practice. Dr. Susan Wallace will help your child develop as a fine violinist and artist.  Practicing the violin will help your child develop dedication, motivation, will power, perseverance and self-discipline.

Reviews from Parents

Dr. Wallace is very professional and dedicated to her teaching. She is both encouraging and challenging, who brings out the best in her student. When we have questions or concerns, she is always very prompt to answer and help. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found her as our son’s violin teacher. I am truly amazed to see my son prosper under Dr. Wallace’s instruction. Thank you, Dr. Wallace!

profile-picJane & Andrew

My daughter Polina started learning violin with Susan when she was little bit before three years old. Now she is almost eight. Susan knows really well how to approach kids of any age. Polina had fun learning violin with Susan being a small kid as well as she is having fun now. But not only fun. We are very serious about quality of education of our kids and were totally satisfied for all this time. Susan is very particular about her students learning proper playing techniques. Five years learning violin with Susan were very beneficial for our daughter in ways of learning instrument, developing musicianship and learning to be organized and work regularly which appeared being useful when Polina started school – we never had troubles with her doing her homework on regular basis. Susan is always listening to parents’ concerns and wishes and is very helpful in organizing individual learning process for every student. Above all my daughter now is skilled enough and happy to play with me my favorite Irish music! 🙂 We are happy that we met such a great teacher for our child.


I almost never write reviews, but I feel strongly enough about recommending Dr. Wallace to get the word out there. Dr. Wallace is a masterful teacher. She’s professional, patient and dedicated. My two daughters have been taking violin lessons from her for more than a year now. She teaches at a level appropriate for each of them. During the first few classes, she was able to gradually help them loosen their hands, and improve their sound quality. We can see improvement for real and we are excited to study with her more. She also made sure they have a good understanding of the music concepts like note reading, dynamic, rhythm etc., which really helps them build a strong foundation. She can take any concept and simplify it for the kids by breaking it down into small steps. In class she wastes no time and packs the 30 minute session. Dr. Wallace’s background is impressive, too. She is a top notch violin performer, as well as a teacher who creates love for the instrument. We are lucky to have her as our daughters’ teacher. She deserves our highest recommendation!


When our daughter started lessons with Dr. Susan Wallace, she was three months shy of her fifth birthday. It has been almost six years now. In this time, I’ve witnessed my daughter improve tremendously to the point where she’s starting to handle early advanced repertoire (i.e., she’ll be playing the Praeludium and Allegro by Fritz Kreisler for a local youth symphony audition shortly). Most importantly, her interest in it has not diminished any. The credit for this would go entirely to Dr. Wallace, not just for setting up an environment that has allowed my daughter’s technique and capabilities to flourish, but also being supportive and patient through the plateaus that any serious student experiences in their pursuit for improvement and excellence. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Dr. Wallace when we were looking for Violin instructors for our daughter in this area.


It’s been a pleasure to observe how well Dr. Wallace has guided my son’s musical development over the past six years. When he was just starting out, she made the lessons fun and easy to understand. As the music became harder and he sometimes questioned his ability to master the violin, she carefully walked him through the steps needed to achieve the next level. Now that he is a strong, committed player, I am amazed at how much he continues to improve because of the techniques she bestows on him from her vast knowledge and experience as a performer and student of the violin.

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About Dr. Susan Wallace

Dr. Susan Wallace is an accomplished musician who uses her expertise to develop her students’ abilities.

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Teaching Methodology

Multiple teaching methodologies and areas of development are beneficial to the student through several aspects of their lives.

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Violin Practice imparts many benefits upon children. Dr. Wallace seeks to give a well rounded education that will carry the child through life.

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Your child’s musical and personal development journey will begin with their first lesson.

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