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Instruments and Required Materials

I urge parents to give their children the best possible instruments as the sound and ease of playing will be much greater than lesser violins. It’ll also be kinder to the ears of everyone – and will encourage young musicians to develop better sounds. A child will never be able to draw a beautiful tone from an inferior, cheap violin and thus might be complacent if not discouraged.

I suggest that parents rent good violins instead of buying, unless they have younger children who may someday want to also play. Rental means that anything broken will be fixed, avoiding costly repairs. Also as the child grows, their size violin can easily be increased and a percentage of the rental expense usually goes towards purchasing one later. I send students to local violin shops such as Pasewicz Stringed Instruments and Montgomery Violins– but there are some good, reputable places online to look such as Robertson Violin Shop and the Johnson String Company.

General music stores do not have the same knowledge, caliber of instruments nor service as these reputable stringed instrument shops. Often their inferior instruments are more trouble than worth paying for. It’s a waste

All supplies and music books can be bought from SHAR music and even on Amazon. Sheet Music Plus is a good resource for music books and pieces as well.